Project Comenius Cesky

1st period 1998 - 2001

Our school joined Comenius Project in 1998 and we worked together with schools from Great Britain (Mexborough), Italy (Porppeto) and Belgium (Koolskamp) on project called "TOGETHER IN EUROPE".
Pupils from these schools created a lot of interesting projects, e. g. Our school in 15 pictures, Our town, a Christmas card, national cuisine recipes, famous personalities, ilustrated national fairy tales, national holidays and traditions, survival dictionary (in English, Italian and Czech) and international logo of our project.
Our pupils had a wonderful opportunity to meet not only the teachers from the partner schools, but also pupils from Belgium and Britain (in June 2000 a group of 40 pupils and 3 teachers visited school in Koolskamp and Mexborough).

More details and some photos from this period in Czech.

2nd period 2002 - 2005

In 2002 we were successful again and gained the EU grant and we worked in a group of 4 schools – Great Britain (Mexborough), Hungary (Budapest) and Denmark (Esbjerg) on the project called "EMBRACING EUROPE, TODAY AND TOMORROW".

We decided to organize an international camp – it took place at the campsite Račí údolí in June 2005 and 140 pupils and 20 teachers (from Denmark, Hungary and the Czech Republic) participated in it. The international camp fulfilled our expectations - all of the pupils had a wonderful opportunity to develop their understanding of the culture and customs of the partners and to increase awareness of different lifestyles.

Our official co-operation in Comenius Project finished, but our friendship is still alive and we hope we will continue in our mutual co-operation. In the school year 2006/07 a group of the teachers from our school visited our partner school in Budapest and we invited our Hungarian colleagues to our school.
We have fulfilled the name of our project "Embracing Europe, today and tomorrow" - literally, it was not only a buzz phrase.

3rd period 2009 - 2011

In the school year 2007/2008 we succedded in finding potential partner schools for joining the new Comenius Partnerships project. In October 2008, a preparation meeting of the representatives of all the schools took place in our school. They discussed the plan of the project and prepared materials for the grant application form. Consenquently, we all got the grant and started to work on the project called "EUROPE – CHANGES AND CHALLENGES".
Our partners are:
Hovedgaard Skole, Hovedgaard, Denmark
St. Mary´s BNS, Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland
Ysgol Gwynfryn, Pontyates, LLanelli, Wales (it doesn´t currently have a website)
We are four very different schools from four very different environments and countries – but one thing we have common is our European affiliation. Our pupils and teachers will „meet“ through different activities as exchange of personal letters, webcam conferences, audiovisual presentations, travelling teddies, etc.

In November 2009 there was a meeting in Denmark, where the plan of the project was specified and its schedule set. Next meetings took place in Ireland in April 2010 and in Wales in October 2010 - the headway of the project was discussed and its running results. The final meeting is planned for March 2011 in Olomouc.

Partial projects:
  • Personal letters/e-mails
  • Travelling teddies
  • Webcam conferences
  • Our school (photostory)
  • Life 50 years ago and now (audiovisual presentations)
  • Calendar (finish in 2011)
  • Common website (you can learn more about our project and see the published results of pupils´work from all participating schools).

    Presentations of our pupils from 6th to 9th classes made in the Photostory programme on the webpage Práce žáků.
    Photodocumentation of project making at our school gallery: EU Language Day (October 2009), Comenius Projects (October 2009).