Miami Project Cesky

Miami Project or The course of American English is one of the oldest projects our school has been involved in (since 1994). We are proud to say it has been one of the best and most popular ones.
It is based on a longtime cooperation between Palacky Universtity, Olomouc and Miami University, Oxford, Ohio..

If you are interested in more details about the project and its wider connections, visit the website

In the long term in our school, the project has been framed for the oldest pupils to finish their school attendance and school year in a slightly different way. The base, however, is the same as in other schools in Olomouc. Pupils spend last three weeks of June only in English lessons with students from Ohio. In the morning they speak, play games, complete worksheets, prepare projects and others. In the afternoon they can go together to have pizza, play minigolf, go swimming etc., according to their interests.

After a two-year gap, when no students came to Olomouc, we have been preparing another run of this course for June 2012.

Years 2008 and 2009 were connected by the same number of pupils being involved - 48 nine graders - and the persons of the lecturers – students from MU, Oxford, Ohio. Their names were Erica Luth and Sara Bernstein.
In June 2008 Sudie Niesen took part in the course as well (she was here for the third time).

The final project day in our gym in 2009:

Some pictures from the course in 2008:

In the classroom On the tower In the afternoon In Olomouc zoo
Presentation of the project Group with Sudie Group with Erica Group with Sara